Sep 1, 2015

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Herpes treatment

phototake_rm_photo_of_woman_applying_herpes_medicationHerpes is a terrible condition, and everyone should look out because of it. You get herpes by having someone else transfer it to you, but that doesn’t mean that you are not to blame there. You need to be protected at all times, and never engage in any risky sexual behavior. That way, you can help yourself, and can avoid getting this awful disease. However, if you do manage to get it, you will need to know how to treat it, and this is exactly why we present this article for you. And here, we are going to focus of herpes simplex.

So, how do dermatologists or general practice doctors diagnose this type of a herpes? Well, when an outbreak occurs, it frequently happens that a doctor manages to diagnose herpes simplex just by looking at it and the sores it creates. However, the doctor still needs to make a confirmation, and that is why they usually take a swab from the herpes sore, and then delivers it to a lab for further tests. If there are no sores, than the doctors do various other medical tests to determine that the patient has herpes; this may include a blood test, or even a DNA test. Also you can click here for a detailed review on other solutions.

So, that brings us to the main part of this article – how to cure herpes? Well, when it comes to herpes simplex, there is no cure. However, don’t start getting depressed, because this issue goes away on its own in many cases, even without any treatment. However, most people decided to get it treated just to get rid of all the symptoms and to make the outbreak last a lot shorter. People are usually treated with antiviral medications, which basically means antiviral ointments and creams. These are really helpful, because they can stop or diminish the itching, the burning, and the tingling sensations you feel on and around the sores. There are also some antiviral pills or shots that people take to make the outbreak of the herpes last shorter.

Most doctors prescribe Acyclovir, Valacyclovir or Famcicloir in order to help people who have herpes. They are all medically approved, and are regularly used to fight this condition. They are to be taken daily, and can help make the herpes a lot less severe. Also, these medications can stop the infected people from passing this virus to other people.images

Usually, the very first outbreak of herpes is the worst one, and all the following ones are not that severe. However, not all of the first outbreak have to be terrible, and some of them can be rather mild; in fact, they can be so mild, that the person sometimes does not even notice that thy have the herpes. Sometimes, the second outbreak can appear several years later, and the person might think that it is the first one, even though it is not. Some people only experience one outbreak, while other may experience it over and over again. However, over time, they become milder, due to the fact that our bodies create antibodies, that help us defend it.

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