Apr 20, 2016

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Chiropractic Care Is Better Than Drugs

downloadWhenever most people face themselves with a severe pain, they immediately turn to drugs to help them alleviate it. And that happens because the society dictates us to do so; we get prescribed drugs and we take them. However, most people don’t really know that some doctors have stared prescribing chiropractic care rather than drugs for some types of injuries, because they believe it offers better and longer lasting results, and that is what the latest studies seem to suggest also. And to see if that is truly so, we traveled to an Omaha chiropractor and asked him all about this phenomenon.

This chiropractor has explained to us that as much as 76 million Americans are suffering from some kind of a chronic pain, and as much as one third of these people experience the kind of pain that leaves them disabled. Some of these people are being tortured by neck pains, and it is believed that about 70 percent of all people will, at some point in their live, experience a strong neck pain. And that is why he has chosen neck pain to describe to us if it could be treated better with chiropractic care or with drugs.

As we have already said, and as this chiropractor has specified, most doctors would just prescribe some kind of a drug for this pain, and that is perfectly all right, because most doctors in the world would do the very same thing. However, some of them have seen the results of the latest studies which claims that chiropractic care beats drugs every time, and therefore have turned to prescribing exactly that kind of care to their patients. Chiropractic care is great because it does not just alleviate the pain, but it discovers the reason behind the pain, and that is the only way for some kind of a relief to come.

These new studies have shown us that the drugs are not that great for treating neck pains, and that the patients that have underwent chiropractic care have said that they were feeling twice less pain that they have while they were taking pain medications.download (1)

Another study has grouped the patients together into three groups: one of them with patients that underwent chiropractic care, the second one with patients that have underwent exercises, and the third group for people that have been taking medications to fight the pain. As much as 32% of the patients from the first group said that they were completely pin free, and 30% of them from the second group said the very same thing. However, the people from the third group, the ones that have been battling the neck pain with just medications, reported that only 13% of them became completely pain ridden.

Therefore, it is completely safe to assume that the patients who are suffering from neck pains would benefit a lot more from chiropractic care and some exercise than from medications. The studies have proved it, and the people are starting to realize it as well.

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