Jun 1, 2015

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Why love and honesty are the biggest turn-ons

indexHello, today I’m going to tell you something very different to what most dating coaches and those fake pick up artists will tell you. Today I’m going to tell you something that will change you forever and make you the most badass individual you can ever be. As with all great change it comes from within, and your mindsets are the pillars of your true self. First I want you to understand that there is very little you can actually control and therefore you shouldn’t worry about. When you’re truly carefree life really becomes amazing. Being carefree is being detached from all outcomes and accepting all with open arms. No matter what happens you accept all, and that’s the best way to achieve true happiness in my opinion. There’s no way anyone will be able to have passionate nights with every woman they meet and if anyone tells you that then cut them out of your life because they’re lying to your face. Yes, you can make any woman attracted and you can create delicious sexual tension with any woman, but that doesn’t mean she’ll want to sleep with you, and that’s not rejection, it’s just her and you should love her for it. Here you can find more great tips on this subject bemoreattractivenow.com.
Now, let’s get to love. The best seducers in the world love women just for the fact that they are women, it doesn’t matter how she looks and it doesn’t matter how she acts, she is a woman and therefore she is loved by them. These men have an unconditional passion for life and they understand that that passion must be shared with the world. For these men women are not the adventure and women love that. These men have no hidden agenda and they will never manipulate a woman into bed, as you get better with women you’ll find that meaningless sex is just that, meaningless; and truly passionate sex that is full of love is what’s really amazing.
That’s why these men come to women completely open about their sexuality and their intentions with these women. They will never pretend they’re aloof or uninterested so she “works for them”. If you show a woman that you find her sexy as fuck then she will never reject you. Very few of them may not want to make sweet love with you but they will still love you and you love them for it. The best relationships I have are with women, and a lot of them are or have been sexual, and I love being with them, I love teasing them and making fun of them; I love making them my partners in crime and I love having sex with them.
I come to women openly about my intentions and, therefore, the friend zone doesn’t exist, women will only reject a man if she feels like he’s trying to play her or if that man is not true to his feelings. Relationships end sourly because of broken promises; most men don’t understand that we are all free souls and in constant change so they promise their girls that they will be together forever, and when the relationship ends the woman feels cheated, and the man feels angry.
The best seducers are on a mission, their life is the adventure. Sharing that adventure with women is great but it’s still an awesome adventure without them, and women love that in a man. When a man makes the girl the adventure then things get boring and yes, the girl will be on a pedestal but it’s a very fucking boring pedestal. The best seducers put their women on a pedestal, but it’s a different kind of pedestal, the man’s life is an amazing pedestal that’s constantly looking for adventure and is constantly growing, and then they put their girls on that pedestal with them; that pedestal is their mission, their adventure and they understand that girls will get on and off that pedestal but the pedestal will still be charging down the man’s path and it will keep growing.8976130
Be unapologetically honest about your intentions and be full of love and respect for women, but still be charging down your path and keep growing. Women don’t like nice guys because nice guys are so afraid of life and women that they are not themselves, they live pretending to be something else and thinking “Oh, I can’t be too forward with her” or “Maybe if I buy her this she’ll like me”, and I call bullshit. The jerks are also afraid of women but in a different way; they’re afraid of the power they may have over him and therefore he pretends to think they are lesser creatures that can’t hurt him, he also feels the need to sleep with lots of them to validate himself, again, I call bullshit. Only when you’re true about yourself will women let you inside their hearts and minds (and other more inappropriate things) without any opposition. You have no idea how many times I’ve heard a girl say “Oh my God! I can’t believe I just told you that, I just met you.” and that’s because I share my love for them and for sex with them freely and they know it, they know I’m not trying to “infiltrate their camp”, they know I’m an ally to them.
So my good friend, start being true to yourself and to the world, share yourself freely and be carefree. Don’t give any fucks but give lots of love and passion. See you at the top.

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Mar 27, 2015

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Simple Lifestyle Tips


Remember Something on a Daily Basis

Not just will this leave your mind sharp and your memory working, but also you will have a colossal numbers of wise quotes to explode out at any minute. Verse, theories and quotes are your best choices.


Continually attempt to lessen your connection to belonging.

The individuals who are overwhelming set with material cravings will have a great deal of inconvenience when their things are detracted from them or lost. Belonging are supposed to wind up owning you, but not the other path around. Turn into a man of insignificant needs and you will be significantly happier.


Keep in Mind Individuals’ Names

with the goal that they feel acknowledged and for your own future advantage when you need something from that individual. In order to do that, repeat their name back to them when they present themselves. At that point rehash the name in your mind various times until you are certain you have it. Keep on utilizing their name as a part of discussion however much as could reasonably be expected to uproot any possibility of overlooking it. In case regardless you’re experiencing difficulty, make up a rhyme about their name.


lifestyle1Smile Regularly

At whatever point you get a smile all over, your cerebrum is discharging serotonin, the hormone responsible for happiness. Grinning is the regular approach to compel yourself to be upbeat. Numerous individuals even grin for a couple minutes in a row in the morning to get themselves in an incredible state of mind for the day. Smile is a capable apparatus that is used less and less as we become more seasoned and need joy like never before. Simply recollect that while bliss prompts grins, grins additionally prompt satisfaction.


Drink Water more Often

The process of hydration is hugely vital for general wellbeing. Baking Soda has completely no nourishing substance; it is similar to mixing syrup and sugar into mug. Rather, fill it with life-renewing water. Water may taste plain at first in case you’re falling off of an overwhelming soda liquid, yet you’ll soon end up dependent on it.


Discover your Dreams and Objectives

Such a variety of individuals meander objectless in life basically try for whatever little thing they need minute by minute. Rather, choose what your ideal life comprises of and start to put the ventures in movement to achieve that place. Defeating a test and coming to an objective is the most fulfilling thing on the planet. People are the happiest when they are developing and working in better direction.


Travel more

Any individual who has ever gone anyplace will let you know that voyaging is a standout amongst the most energizing and groundbreaking exercises that you can do. Watching an alternate society will extend your psyche while making you further admire the life you officially live. That backpedals to turning into a wayfarer: this world is your wilderness so go investigate. Perhaps you’ll discover a spot you adore so much that you choose to move. Envision the positive repercussions another environment could have on your life.

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